5th Holiday Tango Weekend

Celina and Hugo Intensive

will offer a special intensive for singles or couples where you can find a more detailed and precise job.

4.5 hours of intensive work every morning! start your day with a great instruction and training.

An intense and specific research work on each movement, new concepts that are carried out for a better performance of your dance and of course the good energy and joy that characterize them.

Getting your Sponsorship or VIP PASS Celina & Hugo Intensive is included!!!!

Register now, limited capacity for 30 couples, do not stay out of working with them, know their method with effective results demonstrated through all these years!


Celina invites you to immerse yourself in the adventure of knowing yourself and discovering by enhancing your own possibilities.
International Tango Femme Team immersion will be a revealing three-day experience where, through a mini routine, you will have the opportunity to get to know up close what the International Tango Femme Team is all about.  
You will learn incredible things about yourself, working as a team.  It is much more than a technique class; it will be fun and revealing.  No matter your age, or your experience, your desire matters.  
Sign up, participate and you will receive a great benefit.  
IMPORTANT: Dress code for these classes: Topa black, bring those clothes that make you feel safe and sensual.  “black and hot”